Richard Domuah

A day in the life at Ambiental Risk Analytics: Richard Domuah

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A day in the life of
Ambiental Risk Analytics:
Richard Domuah, Lead Developer
and IT Manager

At Ambiental we believe that the key to our success is in creating a great working environment and building a strong team of extraordinary individuals. In this ‘A day in the life’ series, we showcase some of the staff who have contributed to our growth and accomplishments in the field of flood risk analysis. In this first part of the series we spoke with Richard Domuah.

What is your role at Ambiental?
I am Lead Developer and IT Manager, responsible for architecting, writing, reviewing, implementing and managing all software code and scripts which form the basis for much of our digital technology. Key to this has been the development of Ambiental’s proprietary 2D Flood Modelling Software Suite Flowroute-i™ and FlowrouteHydro™, which we use to simulate flood hydraulics. Over the years I have been Lead Developer in reviewing and updating these software to become arguably the fastest and most accurate modelling solutions in the market. I have modified and optimised Flowroute-i™ extensively, which has been really important in helping us to rapidly produce our FloodMap™ products throughout the world. I am also developer of Ambiental’s commercial Flood Risk Analytical Online Application FloodScore™ which is a web platform with an API component for interrogating detailed flood information of every property in the UK and Republic of Ireland. I am also developer of Ambiental’s Environmental Assessment Quoting software FastQuote™ for detailed flood risk assessment report for planning permission. I also have a key role in managing and supporting our IT infrastructure, overseeing a team of developers and working closely with the technical department.

How long have you been at Ambiental?
I have been with Ambiental for over 11 years now and the third longest serving staff besides the CEO and CTO. When I started at the company there were only six employees working out of a single office and I have witnessed the business expand considerably to what it has become today.

What do you do in a typical working day?
My role is quite varied but typically I will be architecting and publishing databases, cross-platform software and services, desktop and web applications, API’s and automated GIS solutions through programming in languages including C++, C#, VB.Net, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and maintaining our servers and developing new geospatial tools – which improve our data processing workflow and enable the technical team to automate and speed up their work. This really helps to drive productivity whilst we continually update and expand our product range, which also reduces the potential for error to ensure that our products are built to the highest standard.

What do you find most rewarding about your work and what are the challenges?
I really enjoy using my skills to solve complex computing problems which push my lateral thinking and programming skills to the fullest. I am able to experiment with a range of emerging technologies to find the right tool for the job which I find very interesting and it is hugely rewarding when I am able to work out an innovative new solution. The challenge of my role is that the code which underpins our software and data is at the core of everything we do at Ambiental, so there is always a lot of demand for my time! Luckily, I am able to self-manage my time and Ambiental allow flexible working to get the job done in the most efficient manner.

What was your academic and career journey before you arrived at Ambiental?
I am originally from Ghana and I completed my Bachelors Degree in Geomatic Engineering there at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology. After that I moved to Germany to pursue an International Master’s Degree Programme in Geomatics Engineering at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. I then moved to England to pursue a Master’s Degree in Geographical Information Science & Environmental Management at Brighton University. I started at Ambiental as a GIS Analyst and my role has advanced in the company to what it has become today. I am fortunate that Ambiental has supported me in growing my skillset and recognising my abilities, and I have been able to build a successful career through my hard work.

And finally, outside of your work what are your hobbies and interests?
My interest in computing extends beyond just a job for me and so as a hobby I like to learn about new technologies especially IoT & Home Automation – experimenting with sensors and the Raspberry Pi and building computers. I like to play football and at Ambiental we have a football team which plays together regularly. I also like to watch football and action movies as well as playing computer games in my spare time. Finally, I have a keen interest in drone technology and I like to go flying whenever I can.

If you would like to find out more about the working life at Ambiental then watch out for further editions of our ‘A day in the life’ series.
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