Justin Butler, Ph.D. appointed as Director of Climate Risk Intelligence

RoyalHaskoningDHV Digital appoints Dr. Justin Butler to the new role of Director of Climate Risk Intelligence

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RoyalHaskoningDHV Digital
appoints Dr. Justin Butler to the new role
of Director of Climate Risk Intelligence

Given the increasing importance of climate risk and resilience within the decision-making and risk management processes of the global financial, industrial and water sectors, this key appointment underlines the importance which Royal HaskoningDHV is placing on the development and deployment of new climate-related tools and services as part of its mission to 'Enhance Society Together'.

Justin Butler P.h.D, Director of Climate Risk Intelligence

As the founder and former CEO of Ambiental, Justin brings to the Board over 20 years of experience in the field of natural hazard risk assessment, flood modelling and commercialisation of science-based technologies for risk assessment and insurance risk pricing, He is regularly called upon to speak at professional member events such as the Institute of Risk Management and at other financial services functions. Justin also sits on a government-led panel of expert advisors helping to shape long-term strategy around future flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) in the UK.

His background makes him particularly well placed to help guide Ambiental, now part of Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, on the next stage of its strategic growth journey, which has already seen the company expand significantly since its acquisition in 2019. Building on Ambiental's success as an established leader within the field of high resolution, national-scale flood risk modelling, the company has created a suite of new products which enable global insurers, banks and other financial services organisations to factor in climate change into point of quote pricing and risk analysis to identify which locations and portfolios are most likely to see increased exposure to a wide variety of climate-driven risks, including flooding, over the coming decades.

Recent collaborations with a variety of leading global financial institutions mean that Ambiental / Royal HaskoningDHV Digital are now operating in the field of multi-hazard global risk assessment and Green Finance, broadening the company's reach and ability to serve clients with unique products and services. These tools have been tailored to address the growing demand for climate-related digital services and sustainable funding streams in response to the potential uplift in damages and risk exposure due to climate change. At the same time, the product suite helps organisations to comply with ever strengthening climate risk disclosure regulations both in the UK and internationally.

Dr. Butler commented, "Ambiental has grown phenomenally since our acquisition by Royal HaskoningDHV and it has been a privilege to serve as CEO since its inception in 2002. I would like to thank my colleagues for their commitment and energy over the years and during this transitional period. Following major investments in people and technology I am part of a Climate Resilience team of more than 50 skilled and experienced colleagues, all with a laser focus on Financial Services ̶  and the future is looking very bright indeed. My exciting new role will help to support the business development and marketing functions, liaising with current and future customers around their specific climate-related needs, whilst helping to position Royal HaskoningDHV Digital as a thought-leader in the field of Climate Risk and Resilience".

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