Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Setecoop Group - Tools and training for flood modelling in Costa Rica

We provided specialised software and bespoke training for a team analysing the effects of flooding in Costa Rica.


We use Flowroute-i™ to generate flood data for countries, regions and sites. We can also train clients to use it themselves.

The Challenge

In 2015/16, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Latin American Fund for Science and Technology provided funding to help deal with global challenges such as climate change and energy security. This included a review of how climate change and rising sea levels would impact the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Setecoop Group, a Costa Rican architectural, engineering and construction company, supervised the project and called on Ambiental for our flood prediction software and expertise.

Our Solution

Setecoop needed flood modelling software to simulate flood events, considering rivers, rainfall and tidal waters. Our Flowroute-i software fitted the bill.

Designed specifically for complex environments, Flowroute-i  models the interaction of pluvial (rain), fluvial (river) and tidal water sources, considering drainage, infiltration and groundwater levels.

Setecoop needed to use Flowroute-i themselves to model all the rivers in Costa Rica and investigate how rising sea levels would impact the country. They needed to input their own rainfall, tidal and flow information as well as terrain, land use, and soil-type data.

We agreed flexible licensing so the team could use Flowroute-ithroughout the project.


Setecoop sent three delegates for training in the UK. Each had different goals and levels of experience, so we tailored our three-day training programme specifically for each.

With hands-on experience, by the end of the three days they understood how they could use Flowroute-i to set up and run flood simulations, including multiple outputs and boundary conditions. They also understood how to check and troubleshoot their models. How to interpret the results, And how to post-process the data. By the end of day three they had all the knowledge and tools they needed to produce flood models for any region where they had relevant data.

When the project began some time later we provided ongoing support including refamiliarisation training until the team was confident working independently. We then continued to support them with any queries throughout the project.

The Outcomes

The project was finished on time. The results were presented to great interest at the Science and Innovation Fair at the British Embassy in Costa Rica in March 2016. Setecoop will continue to use the software for future projects and to model other parts of the country.
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“I’ve learned a lot since day one! Everyone worked individually, preparing data and running different simulations. This was a great way to understand how Flowroute-i works.
The program itself is very easy and straightforward to use. The depths and velocities can be visualised through the outputs. One great advantage is that the data is still quite accessible – good for countries where data is difficult to get.
Even on the other side of the world, in a different time zone, the customer support was very good. No matter what the issue, Ambiental were always very quick to respond and solve all our issues.”

Caroline Huguenin
Hydrologist, Setecoop, Costa Rica

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