UK CrimeScore™

UK CrimeScore™

Accurately identify areas and properties at risk from burglary, arson and criminal damage

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Our UK CrimeScore™ data reports recorded, property related crimes in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


At a glance

  • Reports a 0 to 100 score based on local area crime statistics
  • Displays data at either property or postcode unit level
  • Covers all of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Calculates risk from Burglary, Arson and Criminal Damage
  • Utilises multiple years’ worth of recorded crime data
  • Delivers normalised data to allow for national comparison
  • Generates a predictive value for the current year’s crime rate

What is reported

UK CrimeScore utilises the most recent five years’ worth of recorded crime data to generate an overall CrimeScore for each postcode unit in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The CrimeScore is derived from the mean number of crimes per household for the most recent 5 years’ worth of data. The benefit of the overall CrimeScore is that is it a single, easy to use figure to convey the likelihood of a crime occurring at a given property or postcode.

The CrimeScore Dataset also reports the postcodes with the highest proportion of crimes, relative to the number of properties, broken down into each years’ worth of data. This allows CrimeScore users to identify postcodes that featured high levels of crime in previous years.

UK CrimeScore provides indicative statistics for the current year. CrimeScore highlights whether the crime rate is increasing, decreasing or remaining the same. A predictive value for the current year has also been generated, by applying trend analysis to the recorded data we indicate the likely crime rate for the current year. The prediction data has been extensively tested against previous years’ worth of data and was found to shown on average, 7% difference when compared with the recorded crime rate.

Licensing and data formats

  • UK CrimeScore is delivered as standard as a postcode lookup table in csv format however, we can tailor the format and delivery to specific requirements.
  • We have also aggregated CrimeScore to OS AddressBase allowing for property level crime risk to be assessed.
  • The database can be delivered as the entire UK or just the regions that are of interest.
  • The database is available on either a single or multiple-year license agreement, or as a one-off dataset.
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  • Easy to assess crime risk
  • Consistent, national coverage
  • Displays predictive values
  • Uses the most up to date crime information

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