FloodCat™ Models

Our FloodCat™ models use high precision input data to achieve accurate risk predictions

FloodCat™ has been developed to provide risk managers with a precise understanding of their exposure in the event of catastrophic floods. Our FloodCat™ models enable rapid assessment of portfolio-wide risk and inform better decisions around capital allocation.

Built using the best available topographic data, along with quality assured historic river, rain and tide gauge data, our FloodCat™ models simulate the impacts of flooding disasters. They are used to predict hazard and to quantify vulnerability down to building level precision. The high resolution of FloodCat™ models make them far more precise in predicting important metrics such as probable maximum loss (PML) and they are calibrated against previous flood losses.

Combines historic records with hypothetical data to formulate new risk predictions

FloodCat™ models are used by governments, insurers and risk analysts to predict potential losses using historical events and realistic synthetic event sets. our hazard and vulnerability modules are provided under a transparent modelling framework to enable full interpretation of results. Formulated using our FloodMap™ and FloodScore® products FloodCat™ provides a consistent view of risk.

Integrated within catastrophe modelling platforms

FloodCat™ is deployed within multiple industry standard platforms. This incudes Oasis LMF, ELEMENTS, Xceedance and Nasdaq. Our models are developed to remain current through streamlined change management to incorporate the latest hazard and exposure data. FloodCat™ is validated against actual events and our models come with full documentation, training and expert support.

Flexible licensing

We have models available ready to use, many more in development and we have the team to build probabilistic and hindcast models globally which are tailored to your specific needs. You can choose the perils of concern, the regions of interest and the level of aggregation required to deliver insight.


We have precise FloodCat models available for Australia and Brazil.

Brazil FloodCat™

Brazil FloodCat™

Improve capital allocation, strengthen flood underwriting strategy and optimise your reinsurance with Brazil FloodCat™.

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Australia FloodCat™

Australia FloodCat™

Improve capital allocation, strengthen flood underwriting strategy and optimise your reinsurance with Australia FloodCat™.

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