Free Climate Change Consultation

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We offer a free, 15-minute briefing to bankers, lenders and insurers about how we can better prepare your business for the impact of environmental hazards and climate change.



..and you will learn about...

  • Our insights into the PRA requirements

    in terms of exposure to climate-related risk drivers with appropriate granularity and supported by climate-relevant data

  • The UK’s first and most granular climate change flood model

    trusted by banks and insurers to meet regulatory requirements

  • How we are helping banks, lenders and insurers address the risks from climate change

    through identification, monitoring, measuring and reporting on exposure to climate risk

  • Strategic trends in the market

    how firms are incorporating financial risks from flood risk into their existing risk management frameworks

  • Climate risk and scenario analysis

    Use of long-term scenario analysis to inform your strategy setting and risk assessment and identification

The Climate Financial Risk Forum has until March 2022 to build on its Guide published in June 2020, undertaking further work to develop recommendations and highlight examples of good practice in relation to firms’ use of climate-related data, methodologies and metrics.