Getting to know your flood exposure; Ambiental Q&A

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Getting to know your flood exposure – Ambiental Q&A

Getting to know your flood exposure – Ambiental Q&A

Not all flood models are made the same. We are often asked about what sets Ambiental’s models apart from the rest. his article provides a downloadable resource for customers and partners to better understand how our flood risk products can help to improve exposure management in the insurance industry and across other sectors.

Last year we took part in a live chat webinar hosted by Matthew Grant of InsTech London and sponsored by Nasdaq. During this online event leading experts from across the Flood Industry discussed “Plugging the Gaps: How Well Do You Understand Your Flood Exposure?" Dr Rubini Santha, our Lead Catastrophe Modeller at Ambiental Risk Analytics, delivered a presentation which answered some important questions which shed light on our working approach, summarised our innovative products and discussed the future of the industry.

A recording of the of the webinar can also be viewed here.

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In follow up to this event we have put together an informative summary document which contains a Question and Answer session with Dr Rubini Santha. This provides a convenient summary for attendees of the webinar and also a useful introduction to Ambiental and our flood risk solutions for those who may have missed the presentation.

The top 5 issues insurers need to be aware of when assessing their flood exposure

Download 'Q&A with Dr Rubini Santha'
Australia FloodMap

In this document Rubini answers questions like:

  • What flood models do we provide globally, what is our specific area of focus?
  • How are Ambiental models and flood maps being used?
    What types of flooding do our models cover?
  • What are the biggest challenges in modelling flood and how do we overcome them?
  • Which clients are using Ambiental flood data in the industry?
  • What product development plans does Ambiental have for the future?

Whichever flood risk challenges you face and wherever in the world you need an improved view of flood risk, Ambiental is here to help.

Dr Rubini Santha, Lead Catastrophe Modeller

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