Latest EPC Data from Outra enhances ClimateSuite™

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EPC Data enhances Ambiental's ClimateSuite™

EPC Data enhances Ambiental's ClimateSuite™

The latest EPC data tables from Outra are being used to enhance the first national climate change flood model for Great Britain.

Created by Ambiental Risk Analytics as part of its climate change adaptation product range the FloodFutures® map brings together the latest river flow, rainfall, storm surge and climate change predictions and addresses all major sources of flooding.

Increasing regulatory requirements and sustainable business decisions are driving lenders, insurers and investors to demonstrate their approach to managing their exposure to risk due to the impact of climate change. The world is changing – sea levels are rising, and people and properties are increasingly suffering specific, intense weather events, more intense storms and flooding. Ambiental’s Climate Suite is helping lenders to review their property portfolios to identify exposure to future losses under different climate emissions scenarios and for multiple future time periods.. The enhancement of Climate Suite with EPC data gives lenders added insights as to a property’s energy efficiency, which they can use to make investment decisions and support with sustainable investment decisions and green finance initiatives.

The EPC data set (Energy Performance Certificate) is based on physical surveys where a surveyor visits and assesses the property so the quality of the resulting data is high, and most fields are populated. The data dates from 2008 with the most recent release being data for Q2 2020. An EPC is required for any property being sold or rented, so with approximately twelve years of data the dataset now includes over 14.7m properties, including all new builds during that time.

“We are very pleased to be working with Ambiental to bring the best possible data to those companies who rely on Ambiental’s Climate Suite to guide their decision making. Outra has invested in collating and developing the most accurate data available on UK properties. This is a great example of how, by matching it to Ambiental’s world leading models, we can enhance the ability for companies to prepare for the impacts of climate change and make the appropriate provisions.”
Caroline Worboys, COO, Outra

Ambiental’s Climate Suite already addresses all major sources of flooding for current and future emissions scenarios – including rivers, tidal, and surface water, as well as present and future subsidence and coastal erosion risks. The data is presented at full property level, allowing a quick assessment of risk in relation to physical infrastructure, environmental features and population. Information is provided for the present day, and any future time epoch under three defined future climate pathways (RCP 2.6, 6.0 and 8.5).

Mark Nunns, said, “I am excited to be bringing Outra’s EPC data into our market leading Climate Suite. The addition of this EPC data really strengths our data offering, ensures that Ambiental can provide a complete solution to banks, lenders and investors to support with regulatory compliance, and now allow for consideration of sustainable future investment decisions."

To request a sample of the data or discuss how Climate Suite could help your organisation, email Mark Nunns, Chief Commercial Officer, Ambiental, mark.nunns@rhdhv.com.

About Outra
Outra transform data to maximise value and predictability, and deliver customer insight to drive business outcomes, by combining big data, AI and automation.

For more information download our whitepaper and contact us to arrange a free 15 minute consultation on how Ambiental can support with mitigating climate risk from flood damage and other climate related perils.

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