Latest updates to FloodScore™

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Latest updates to FloodScore™

To be able to maintain “the most complete and up-to-date flood data set for the United Kingdom” we’re continually updating and refining it. In this blog we have outlined the five recent updates that our team have carried out on our FloodScore™ database and online platform. This product is a property-level flood risk checking service that enables businesses to quickly evaluate and quantify flood risk.

1.     Updated to the latest release of the Ordnance Survey AddressBase

OS update their AddressBase products every six weeks. To ensure our users are not hit with multiple and large-scale data changes, we like to update our versions on a bi-annual basis, to provide an excellent compromise between currency of data and the resource required to manage changes.

2.     Upgraded to OS AddressBase Premium

Previously, FloodScore™ used OS AddressBase Plus. This provided a comprehensive list of properties in Great Britain. By switching to AddressBase Premium we have given our users access to additional data, including provisional addresses – for properties yet to be completed – and to alternative addresses, for instances where properties are referred to in more than one way. It now covers any property which is undergoing development, or is yet to be developed, and cuts out on potential confusion about which property is being referred to.

3.     Linked all properties to a UPRN

The latest version of FloodScore™ also provides the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) from AddressBase for every property in the UK. Each UPRN stays with a property for its entire lifetime from planning stage onwards. This makes it easier to check that you have identified the correct property, and will help to eliminate errors if you want to cede a specific property to Flood Re. The UPRN also allows for easy integration of our data and configuration with other datasets.

4.     Extended coverage to include Northern Ireland

Previously there was no data for Northern Ireland available via FloodScore™. We had the spatial data layers, but no addressing information. We have now partnered with the Land & Property Service (LPS) to obtain Pointer address data for Northern Ireland which we have incorporated into our FloodScore™ database.  This data is also linked to UPRNs and is provided in the same format as the data for Great Britain, giving our users the benefit of a homogenous dataset for all four UK nations.

5.     Updated the UKFloodMap™ model based on new science and data

Our highly accurate in-house UK Flood model data (UKFloodMap™*) is used to provide the detailed flood risk information held within the FloodScore™ database. We constantly evaluate this mapping data, which results in frequent updates to accommodate new scientific information along with any updates to input data sources. As such all of the latest updates to our UKFloodMap™ data have been incorporated into the flood data fields within this FloodScore™ update. This includes updates and enhancements to hydrology and topographic datasets, which help to refine our flood model outputs.

* FloodScore™ can be delivered in a number of other ways, including as a complete database file (e.g. csv file), as a partial database file (e.g. only for Great Britain, North Ireland or a specific portfolio), or using an API to integrate with your existing flood risk assessment system.

For a free trial of FloodScore™ or a free sample of UKFloodMap4™ DATA to test against your existing data sources, please contact Mark Nunns on 0203 857 8543 or mark.nunns@ambientalrisk.com

About the Author

Mark Nunns is Technical Account and Sales Manager at Ambiental. His responsibilities include assessing client requirements, and supporting them with testing, integrating and maximising the potential of our products.

Mark Nunns
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