Memoirs of an Intern

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Memoirs of an Intern

Here at Ambiental, we pride ourselves on our strong academic connections. The company was founded by Dr Justin Butler Ph.D. (now Ambiental’s CEO) in collaboration with fellow graduates and researchers from Cambridge University. Now one of the world’s leading specialists in flood modelling, flood risk and natural hazard analytics, we’ve ensured that our strong ties to academic institutions have continued to develop alongside our rapid growth. Our headquarters are located at the University of Sussex’s Innovation Centre which positions us well to collaborate with students and researchers on a regular basis. Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to partner with a plethora of other universities across the United Kingdom, including Reading, Portsmouth, Brighton, Cranfield, Loughborough, Leicester and the Imperial College London. These partnerships have been an integral part of Ambiental maintaining our position at the leading edge of the flood risk industry. To read our blog about how we partner with academic institutions click here.

We strongly believe that young talent should be nurtured, and through our internships and student placements we aim to equip budding geographers with the skills they need to excel in the flood risk industry. Over the years Ambiental has enrolled numerous talented students on placements and helped them to grow their skillsets. One of these was Andrews Afforo, who was studying an MSc in GIS and Environmental Management at the University of Brighton. Andrews began with the company in the summer of 2017 and quickly became an integral part of Ambiental’s technical team. Below we’ve included a short narrative from Andrews, explaining what he got out of the experience and how it prepared him for his future career.

“When I received confirmation of acceptance on my placement with Ambiental on the 10th March 2017, I knew I had been presented with a fantastic opportunity. As someone who is passionate about building a career in GIS, developing competence and staying abreast with GIS market expectations are important to me. My wider reading led me to the conclusion that being able to demonstrate one’s ability with GIS was vital. After working in the company for a few months I began to realise that speed and accuracy were also key contributors to success in the industry.

Andrews Afforo took an internship with Ambiental in 2017

My work at Ambiental had strong overlaps with a host of professional specialists (GIS experts, hydrologists, engineers, and programmers). This gave me a comprehensive understanding of how my work fed into other departments and functions within the company. The team at Ambiental shows an extensive level of agility as well as the ability to develop best available solutions to meet different flood modelling scenarios, geographical and environmental characteristics, and data constraints.

Whilst at Ambiental I developed many skills, including managing large datasets and automating GIS processes. I was particularly impressed by Ambiental’s strong culture of continuous investment into the training of its employees and interns. The company provides a wealth of in-house and external training support for staff, including paid professional course training, workshops and conferences, peer-to-peer learning, along with a large database of materials for self-learning. Within my first two weeks, I had the opportunity of participating in a series of training programs that focused on key flood modelling concepts.

I couldn’t agree more with the conclusion drawn by Duignan (2003) that students who undertake internships gain immensely from the transfer of knowledge, as well as a host of other benefits. Working with Ambiental has endowed me with new GIS skills and made me more aware of additional skills I need to hone. Ambiental provides the perfect environment for growing one’s knowledge and skills base and for encouraging innovation.

The placement equipped me with a wealth of knowledge, which I’m certain played a significant role in the nomination of my MSc Dissertation at the 9th international graduate research conference at Texas State University, USA. I am now working with Losamills Consult Ltd., a leading mapping and engineering company in Ghana as GIS Business Manager. Special thanks to Paul Drury, Ambiental’s GIS/Data Manager. He was a pleasure to work with and made sure I delivered an excellent result whilst enjoying the learning journey.”

Ambiental would like to personally thank Andrews for all his hard work at Ambiental, as well as his kind words about the experience. If you are interested in applying for an internship with Ambiental please email us at info@ambientalrisk.com. In order to hear latest news and updates from Ambiental click here or follow us on LinkedIn.

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