New Zealand FloodScore™

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Quickly evaluate and quantify flood risk to any property in New Zealand

New Zealand FloodScore™ provides property-level flood risk scores and flood risk information for over 50% of properties in New Zealand. You can use it to quickly evaluate and quantify flood risk. It’s available as a full or partial database, or as spatial layers.

A visualisation showing how FloodScore works

A visualisation showing Ambiental New Zealand FloodMap overlain with LINZ building points, colour classified depending on their FloodScore risk rating value.

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New Zealand FloodScore provides property-level flood risk data for over half of New Zealand. It has been designed to support insurers and brokers in making quicker, more accurate decisions around flood risk.

The data is derived using the same advanced modelling techniques that are used by major insurers internationally and integrates the most complete and up-to-date flood and building stock data available.

New Zealand FloodScore uses the advanced flood modelling techniques developed for New Zealand FloodMap™. It incorporates the most current hydrology data from LINZ, and extensive LiDAR coverage including the entire LINZ LiDAR database.

This data is used to formulate a risk index, which reflects the average annual loss (AAL) for a property. This ‘flood score’ takes into account the likelihood of an individual property being flooded due to rainfall, overflowing rivers or tidal surges, as well as the damageability for different property classes. To improve the stability and accuracy of the flood scores, they’re derived from a range of return periods (1 in 20, 75, 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 10,000 year scenarios), along with complex risk-scoring algorithms.


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  • Optimise pricing and reduce loss ratios
  • Better accumulation control
  • More consistent flood underwriting
  • Quicker and easier to access flood risk

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"Very extreme precipitation, defined as events with a recurrence interval of 2 years or greater, increases throughout the country. Percentage increases per degree of warming range from 5% for 5-day duration events to 14% for 1-hour duration events."
Ministry for the Environment 2018. Climate Change Projections for New Zealand: Atmosphere Projections Based on Simulations from the IPCC Fifth Assessment, 2nd Edition. Wellington: Ministry for the Environment.

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