Our Data and Technologies

Our Data and Technologies

Our flood models and technologies can handle great complexity and be adapted for many different uses.

Data is at the core of our products. But it’s our approach to using new technologies to gather, model, integrate and visualise this data that lets us constantly improve our precision. So we can transform data into insight and opportunity for our customers.

We pull together knowledge and experience in engineering, hydrology, maths, statistics, geomorphology, climatology, meteorology and programming to develop technologies that predict flood risk with a high degree of accuracy.


A visualisation showing how Ambiental flood products support our clients during all phases of the disaster risk management cycle.

Proprietary flood modelling software

Flowroute-i™ is our own flood modelling software. It was developed in collaboration with scientists at Cambridge University in the UK, and has been shown to predict flood risk with 85% accuracy.

We use it to develop our national and local flood models, which we regularly validate against real flood events. We design our models to be agile, so we can adapt them quickly to help you answer questions. So you can be more responsive and agile too.

More about Flowroute-i

Current, high quality data

We’re continually updating and refining our data: most of our data is updated at least every year. This ensures that our customers aren’t surprised by big changes in their predictions, which can happen when data is only updated every few years.

We’re also always looking to improve how we collect and process data. Recently, we’ve used satellite SAR (synthetic aperture radar) and rapid modelling to help predict flood extents and improve the response of emergency services. Using drones as a data source is something we’ve also been exploring. As is machine learning, which can speed up the process of extracting useful insight from flood-related data.

Designed for integration

We design our data products and our technologies to be integrated with other platforms and systems, and with other data sources. This gives our customers more value. And it lets you answer very specific questions that can have a big impact on your decisions around flood strategy and flood risk management.

LiDAR Technology

Ambiental use high quality LiDAR data for the creation of our flood hazard maps. This image shows LiDAR terrain data covering Jefferson, Missouri. Red shading shows low lying areas.

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Our flood modelling software has been shown to predict flood risk with 85% accuracy.