Justin Butler, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer 

Justin is the CEO of Ambiental. He has over 15 years of experience innovating and commercialising digital mapping and software / data products, as well as delivering and managing complex risk mapping and modelling projects internationally. Justin is responsible for charting the strategic direction of the company, in support of our international growth plans.  Overseeing the commercial and technical roadmaps for Ambiental’s ever-expanding suite of disruptive predictive analytics tools, probabilistic models, high-resolution mapping & forecasting products and data / software services, Justin has a passion for technical innovation and is a regular speaker at international conferences and trade shows.


Bryan Wilsher
Chief Financial Controller

Bryan is a non executive director of Ambiental and is responsible for overseeing finance, commercial matters and corporate governance. With over 40 years experience in advising high growth tech companies, he brings a wealth of knowledge in relation to financial / strategic planning and engagement with institutional investors.

David Martin
Chief Technical Officer

David leads our teams of catastrophe modellers, software developers, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) specialists in producing, and maintaining Ambiental’s industry-leading geospatial data and software products. David’s expertise include flood risk modelling, exposure / loss / impact modelling, GIS, geospatial systems and process-chain optimisation. Being responsible for Ambiental’s technical strategy, David designs unique predictive analytics tools, which power our risk mapping, modelling, and forecasting products. Overseeing our Artificial Intelligence (AI), R&D and modelling teams, David also supports the commercialisation of Ambiental’s intellectual property within the insurance, water utility and international government sectors in line with industry best practice. He loves working closely with our clients, tailoring solutions to meet their specific requirements whilst delivering valuable business insights.

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