Critical insights to future proof your entire supply network against weather related damage and downtime

Ambiental provides numerical modelling and satellite driven services to utility companies.

Utilities have for a long time been encouraged to report on the climate change adaptation measures they are taking as set out in the Climate Change Act 2008. They are now increasingly seeking to assess what impact climate change may have on their services in order to avoid or minimise disruption to the services they provide to their customers. We are helping providers, both water companies and energy providers to gain accurate data on future climate impacts to develop effective mitigation strategies. Our predictive flood modelling solution, FloodFutures™  considers a range of possible climate change scenarios as far as 2080, helping utility companies, local authorities, infrastructure managers and commercial developers understand and plan for future flood risk.

FloodMap™ is used to visualise, assess and understand potential flood risk at the individual address level. Visualisations of potential flood risks make it easy to identify potential flooding issues and make better decisions around flood risk and plan responses.

Ambiental is experienced at conducting large-scale  Sewer Burst Modelling projects for water companies. Using Flowroute-i™, our proprietary modelling software, we use our experienc, expertise and technical capabilities to carry out integrated modelling across thousands of points within a sewerage network. This gives water companies an accurate assessment on specific households or commercial premises at risk of future inundations.

5m GroundWater Map offers utility companies as a comprehensive view of groundwater flood risk. Our Groundwater Map is property or asset-specific. It has many applications, including utility contractors assessing the need for pumps before undertaking street works or detecting the potential for groundwater-related sewer flooding for water companies.

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Visualise, assess and understand potential flood risk. Using our proprietary software, high-quality topographical data and ground surface information, we generate flood maps or flood risk...


Our predictive flood model considers nine possible future climate change scenarios across the UK between 2020 and 2080. It helps utility companies understand and plan for long-term flood risk....


Integrate Groundwater Flood Risk Map (GW5) into your flood risk data portfolio and get a more detailed understanding of flood risk from all sources down to property level....

Case Studies

Ambiental's EASOS dashboard system for the Malaysian government

We partnered with EASOS to tackle chronic flooding – a major problem faced by Malaysia. In 2014, the worst monsoon rains in three decades hit the east coast of Malaysia....


Following severe flooding in Hull, UK in 2007, the Association of British Insurers asked the UK Environment Agency to improve flood modelling for heavy rainfall in towns. We took up the challenge...

Flood Re Case Study

Flood Re is a flood reinsurance scheme and is principally engaged in the provision of flood peril reinsurance cover within the UK. The Scheme is a joint initiative between the UK insurance...