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Risk Information Datasets – Additional data insights available

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Risk Information Datasets – Additional data insights available

At Ambiental we have been busy expanding our data insights beyond flood modelling. By partnering with leading providers in Risk and Exposure management, Ambiental have been able to gain access to some market leading datasets.

Here is a brief explanation of some of the datasets that are available from Ambiental.


2018 was a difficult year for subsidence claims, with The Association of British Insurer’s State of the Market Report (February 2019) stating that the proportion of total domestic claims for subsidence in Q3 calendar year 2018 jumped from 4% in 2017 to 12% in 2018, due to the remarkably warm and sustained dry summer in 2018.

Subsidence – ABI, State of the Market Report

Ambiental’s partnership with the British Geological Survey (BGS) has enabled us to provide an insight into the subsidence perils properties face in England, Scotland and Wales. Ambiental have linked the subsidence data to the Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase product, allowing for property level subsidence risk information to be accessed. This data is also provided in a consistent scoring approach to our flood data. Six geohazards are represented in the dataset; including shrink swell clays, the leading cause of subsidence claims (BGS, 2012).

Additional ground peril data can be used to enhance the British Geological Survey’s subsidence data. The information supplied within this dataset relates to areas at risk from subsidence which are associated with mining activity and the location of sinkholes. This data doesn’t just show susceptible areas, it also uses recorded data to identify areas of risk.

Theft and Criminal Damage

Through utilising recorded crime data provided by local police forces and demographic data, Ambiental have developed a national crime dataset displaying the number of crimes per property at postcode unit level. The number of households and residents within each postcode unit are accounted for meaning the dataset is nationally comparable. The dataset focuses on crimes that could cause insurance claims, such as Burglaries, Criminal damage and arson.

Property Attributes

Our partnership with a leading property attribution data company, means that Ambiental are now able to provide building attribute data for the whole of the UK. The dataset has been generated through using collected data wherever possible and advanced machine learning techniques to infer unknown data. The amount of information supplied by this dataset is vast, but as a snap-shot, it contains the following:

  • The Year of construction
  • The number of bedrooms
  • The number of bathrooms
  • Property size
  • Floor level

The intention of this dataset is to provide a greater insight into address portfolios and to assist with the insurance quoting and exposure database management.
Rebuild cost data has also been acquired from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), this world leading organisation has a wealth of experience in property surveying data. The dataset requires an input of property specific information such as the number of rooms, which will then return an accurate cost to rebuild the property. The dataset allows insurers or risk managers to price policies effectively without the need for customers to input the rebuild cost estimates themselves

National Tree Map™

Bluesky’s National Tree MapTM is an innovative product that displays the majority of trees within England and Wales. By linking this to AddressBase, Ambiental have produced a dataset which highlights properties that are at risk from falling trees or branches and tree related subsidence. Trees that are near to properties can increase subsidence claims through several mechanisms, roots seeking out sources of water and by using water from within soils which can link to soils shrinking.

This information can be supplied as the number of the trees within the vicinity of the property and when combined with BGS subsidence information, an advanced view of the risks from subsidence can be ascertained. A recent report by the ABI, documents the cost of subsidence claims between July and September in 2018 was £64 million.

Building Footprints

Building footprints data can be used to improve the accuracy of property level hazard reporting, by providing a highly accurate spatial representation of properties within a geographic information system (GIS). This dataset can reduce the under or over estimation of risk as our recent whitepaper found.
This blog highlights some of the recent additions to our data offering, but for a more detailed insight into these datasets or our other product suites, please visit our Risk Information Datasets page.

We are constantly adding to our list of available datasets, so please do contact us to discuss your requirements.

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