• Using advanced analytics and new data sources to answer business-critical questions for insurers

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  • Ensuring that money spent on flood risk management has the greatest possible impact

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  • Planning for the consequence of climate change on communities and infrastructure

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Understanding and Reducing Flood Risk

Combining advanced flood modelling, predictive analytics, machine learning and razor-sharp intellectual skills to give you the critical insight you need into flooding and flood risk.

  • Climate Change Adaptation

    As experts in complex flood modelling we can help you develop strategies to cope with climate change.

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  • FloodScore™ Property

    FloodScore™ Property provides property-level flood risk scores and flood risk information for all properties in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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  • Understanding groundwater flood risk

    When rain falls on the surface, some of the water may run off directly over the surface into rivers, streams and drains, some may evaporate and some may be taken up by plants.

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  • Future Flooding under a Changing Climate: Solving the Problem

    The effects of climate change are starting to be felt, meaning that weather is becoming ever more unpredictable.

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  • Flood Re – One Year On

    Flood Re, an exciting new scheme to help ensure affordable home insurance for everyone, has been running for just over a year now – so how has it fared?

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  • Flood risk analysis & flood warning systems for Malaysia

    An overview of an international development project currently being conducted by Ambiental.

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We solve complex problems relating to natural hazards, flooding and flood risk management.


Case Studies

Our clients work around the world. Here's how we've supported them in managing flood risk.



Our tools and flood risk datasets make it easier to extract insight from complex flood risk data.




We work with insurers and reinsurers, brokers, national and international government organisations, and strategic partners. Our clients around the world depend on Ambiental to help them identify islands of opportunity within seas of risk.

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Some Key Clients and Partners

“By supplying the Ambiental FloodCAT model for Australia in our ELEMENTS platform, this is giving our clients greater choice, flexibility and value for money when it comes to managing their flood exposures.”

Adam Podlaha, AON Benfield

“Ambiental’s FloodScore™ service uses OS AddressBase products to give the most comprehensive and accurate flood analysis in the marketplace. With the best building level address information clients can be confident what exposure they are open to when using FloodScore™”.

James MacTavish, Ordnance Survey


“Floodscore is a simple yet useful tool that provides flood scores for single locations based on their risk to fluvial, pluvial and coastal flooding. Floodscore has been integrated into our underwriting practices as well as those of some of our key delegated authorities to assess the flood risk and ensure it meets our risk appetite.”

Matthew Donovan, DTW1991

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