Mortgage and Valuation

Mortgage and Valuation

Plan robust strategies for flood
exposure management and
assess long-term financial risks

Our customers within the mortgage and valuation industries use our property-level flood data to reduce risk and improve flood risk rating accuracy and fine tuning.

Mortgage and valuation professionals use the data and insights within Ambiental’s FloodMap™, FloodScore™ and FloodFutures® to enable them to plan their strategies for flood exposure management.

FloodFutures® data is used by financial services, utilities and governmental sectors to help understand the complex risks from flooding posed by different future time epochs and under different climate emissions scenarios. Our data and insights enable more extensive strategic flood exposure management and pricing of unique, long-term financial risks.

Over the last few years, Ambiental has been involved in the co-development of a report on climate change by the Bank of England/ PRA , as part of a working group made up of leading model vendors. Our primary involvement in this working group has been centred around providing industry expertise in the realm of current and future flood risk, allowing for consideration of climate change impacts. The efforts of the working group culminated in the publication of The Bank of England report titled, ‘A framework for assessing financial impacts of physical climate change: a practitioner’s aide for the General Insurance Sector’ in May 2019. In response to this report, Ambiental invited select representatives from the insurance, reinsurance and risk management sectors to meet at Lloyd’s of London to discuss the framework for assessing financial impacts of climate change set out in the report.

Since the above report was issued, the Prudential Regulation Authority’s (PRA) has gone on to additionally publish a supervisory statement which focuses on its increasing expectation for lenders to understand the financial risks to their businesses associated to climate change. Ambiental offers mortgage lenders a full screening service whereby we assess portfolios to help identify assets at risk of future flooding due to climate change. We also provide datasets that support lenders in managing risk in order to make more informed decisions around new mortgage applications. Contact us to arrange an informal chat about how we might help you in your business respond to the PRA’s statement on climate change.

Featured Products

Flood Map


Visualise, assess and understand potential flood risk. Using our proprietary software, high-quality topographical data and ground surface information, we generate flood maps or flood risk datasets for countries around the world.

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FloodScore provides property-level flood risk scores and
information. FloodScore is designed to provide quick, accurate and cost
effective screening of the flood risks to individual properties
or to entire property portfolios.

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Flood Futures


Our predictive flood model considers nine possible future climate change scenarios across the UK between 2020
and 2080. It helps utility
companies understand and
plan for long-term flood risk.

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