Address License Options

Address License Options

Flexible and improved access to data

The licensing of address data is becoming increasingly more flexible to allow improved access to the data via different licence options. Below are the licensing options available for the datasets.

OS AddressBase Core

Ordnance Survey has announced the implementation of revised pricing for its AddressBase datasets along with releasing AddressBase Core - the newest member of the AddressBase family. It provides easy access and use of OS’s accurate property address data, with 33 million addresses across Great Britain. This latest dataset is available now to Ambiental customers, along with the new licencing terms of existing AddressBase datasets, allowing greater freedoms for users to share the data.

Contact us if you would like to discuss the changes to the AddressBase product suite and the licence terms.

OS GB AddressBase

AddressBase licenses from OS can be delivered provided through three different licence setups. These licences depend on how many users will be accessing the data and how often it’ll be used.

  1. A Corporate AddressBase license will allow unlimited access to the data provided it is within the terms of the agreement. This is most cost effective for companies that would have a lot of end users of the data.
  2. User Level/ seat based AddressBase Licensing allows a defined number of users within an organisation to use AddressBase. This allows unlimited usage of AddressBase within the contract period for those licenced users only.
  3. A Transactional license avoids the initial AddressBase license fee and means that the data can be affordable, as charges are applied on the usage of the data. You then have access to each address record for the period of 1 year from initial lookup.

NI Pointer

  1. Larger companies may want to license the whole of the pointer dataset outright, this is an annual fee with unlimited access to the data and an unlimited number of users within the terms of the agreement.
  2. Pointer can also be licensed on a transactional basis, allowing access to data in Northern Ireland for any number of address records. Users are charged based on the number of address records licenced.

ROI Eircode/ GeoDirectory

Address data for the Republic of Ireland can be licensed in two ways: Per user or Per Transaction.

  1. For the per user method organisations are charged based on the number of users of the data with the price per head decreasing with increasing numbers of users. The main benefit of licensing the data per user are that the whole dataset can be accessed with no costs associated with the volume of data usage, as long as this is conducted in-line with the licenced number of users.
  2. Republic of Ireland data can also be accessed on a transactional licence. This means you are charged every time an address record is accessed, within a contracted time period. Transactional pricing is more cost effective for customers with smaller volumes of business.

The Licensing of any address product through Ambiental comes with our full industry leading support and access to our support team of data and licencing experts. Address data is a powerful tool, so we are always on hand to guide you through the licensing and implementation process and ensure you are getting the best value for money from the data.

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