Australia FloodCat™

Australia FloodCat™

The most precise property-level flood catastrophe model available for Australia.

Based on Ambiental’s market-leading flood hazard model, Australia FloodCat™ is the most comprehensive and accurate Australia-wide catastrophe model available.

At a Glance

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  • Country-wide flood catastrophe model
  • Property and post code level
  • Pluvial and fluvial flooding
  • Flowroute-i™ 2D flood model
  • Highest precision for major cities
  • Full probability event catalogue
  • Up-to-date detailed vulnerability data (GAR15)

Australia FloodCat™ includes more than 100,000 realistic synthetic flooding events, as well as major historic flood events throughout Australia to give accurate catastrophic flood catastrophe information right down to individual property level.

Property vulnerability is classified according to usage, occupancy, construction type and other factors. So you can fully understand and quantify the impact of a full range of flood loss scenarios.

Working in close collaboration with the insurance industry, Australia FloodCat™ has been thoroughly tested and validated against both historic floods and losses. It’s available immediately through Aon Benfield’s powerful, easy-to-use ELEMENTS platform and also the Oasis Loss Modelling Framework.


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  • Highly accurate overview of risk
  • Unparalleled geographic precision
  • Latest vulnerability data from Geoscience Australia
  • Extensively tested and validated
  • Available now in Aon's ELEMENTS platform and fully compatible with Oasis LMF

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Australia FloodCat™ uses both historic and predictive data to measure the effects of catastrophic flooding with unparalleled accuracy.


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