Australia FloodMap™

Australia FloodMap™

Highly precise flood risk data and insight for the whole of Australia

The most complete view of flood hazard in Australia enables underwriters, planners and others to make better decisions and improve control over losses.

ROI Fluvial 100yr

Ambiental's Australia FloodMap 100 year return period (shown in blue) with flood footprint from 2011 flood event (shown in red). This demonstrates strong correlation of predicted hazard against actual event.

At a Glance

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  • Detailed visualisations of potential flood hazard throughout Australia
  • Fluvial, tidal and flash flooding risks all modelled
  • Three levels of detail
  • Can be integrated into your existing system
  • Covers every major city at high resolution using LiDAR and the entire country at lower resolution
  • Higher resolution coverage available on request
  • Hydrological and 2D hydraulic modelling
  • Integrated flow rate and rainfall data
  • Range of return periods

Our flood maps are used around the world by insurers, government agencies, property developers and emergency response services to visualise, assess and understand potential flood risk.

All of Australia’s capital cities, and approximately 85% of the population, have been modelled using high-resolution LiDAR data accurate to ±15cm. The data includes river, tidal and surface water risk, all of which have been modelled rigorously while maintaining building-level precision. We can offer a full range of return periods to suit different uses.

Delivered as flood maps or flood risk data sets

With Australia FloodMap you can visually present flood risk scenarios to customers, brokers or underwriting teams – making concepts and executions considerably easier to explain and understand. The flood maps can be supplied as PDFs, or delivered as GIS layers or flat files that can be integrated into your GIS-compatible system.

To make it even easier to use, individual buildings or locations can be automatically classified as high, medium or low risk according to your individual risk exposure requirements.

Our team will advise you on how you can get the most from the data and can support you with the integration.


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  • Visualisations of potential flood hazards make it easy to identify potential flooding issues
  • Helps insurers, government agencies, property developers and emergency response services make better decisions around flood risk
  • Assists in planning best responses to floods
  • Optimise pricing and improve loss ratios
  • Be more confident in your portfolio management
  • Quickly assess new underwriting opportunities
Australia FloodCat™

Australia FloodCat™

Improve capital allocation, strengthen flood underwriting strategy and optimise your reinsurance with Australia FloodCat™.

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In the 2011 Brisbane floods, our model was 95% accurate in predicting damage to properties vs 37% for the existing national model. It correctly predicted flooding in 19 out of every 20 flooded properties.

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Global FloodMap™

Global FloodMap™

Global FloodMap™ allows you to see how a flood will develop, so you can better organise the best response.

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The most complete view of flood risk in Australia currently available.


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