Based on our market-leading flood hazard model, Brazil FloodCat™ enables detailed analysis of potential losses from flooding.

At a Glance

  • Flood catastrophe model focused on the Santa Catarina region
  • Census tract-level precision
  • Fluvial flooding loss estimation
  • Flowroute-i™ 2D flood model
  • Full probabilistic event catalogue
  • Up-to-date detailed vulnerability data

Brazil FloodCat includes more than 10,000 years of realistic synthetic flooding events, as well as major historic flood events throughout the Santa Catarina region to give accurate catastrophic flood information right down to individual property level.

Property vulnerability is classified according to usage, occupancy, construction type and other factors. So you can fully understand and quantify the impact of a full range of flood loss scenarios.

Working in close collaboration with the insurance industry, Brazil FloodCat has been thoroughly tested and validated against both historic floods and losses. It’s available immediately through Aon Benfield’s powerful, easy-to-use ELEMENTS platform.


  • Highly accurate overview of risk
  • Extensively tested and validated
  • Available now in ELEMENTS

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Flood sources

  • Fluvial (from rivers on floodplain)


  • Urban: 5 metre grid resolution LiDAR (nominal vertical accuracy ±0.15m)


  • Rational method augmented with statistical approach where gauges are available


  • Full shallow water wave 2D modelling (Flowroute-i™)

Probabilistic event sets

  • Simulated river-flows and rainfall event catalogue
  • Over 20,000 fluvial

Deterministic event sets

  • Historic events in Santa Catarina, Brazil


  • Includes residential, commercial and industrial business lines
  • Over 1,800 curves derived from occupancy and construction modifiers
  • Adjustable modifier parameters:
    • 5 construction types
    • 6 building height bandings
    • 3 business occupancy classes
    • 3 building elevation levels
    • 4 interior susceptibility ratings


  • Census tract


  • Hazard validation against historic floods
  • Loss validation against historic losses
  • Internal and independent studies

Delivery formats

  • Aon Benfield ELEMENTS
  • Oasis

The data developed by Brazil FloodCat is used by the Brazilian government and the World Bank to analyse risk.

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