Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation

Supporting flood resilience in an uncertain future

Considering climate change is now essential in any long-term planning. We use advanced predictive modelling to help organisations see into our future and plan for flood resilience.

The impact of climate change is becoming apparent. Rainfall patterns are changing, and sea levels are rising. Deterministic flood models based on historic data are less well suited to helping us understand flood risk far into the future.

The UK, and other governments around the world, are developing strategies on climate change adaptation. Understanding the potential impact of climate change on flood risk is essential in prioritising natural flood management measures and guiding local flood management schemes. Climate change risk assessments are also fast becoming a critical and mandatory requirement for developing and maintaining any type of national or regional infrastructure. Transport and communication networks, energy and water supplies are all facing an increased risk of flooding.

Supporting climate change adaptation

We can support you in understanding and mitigating future flood risks whether you’re developing or managing infrastructure, or implementing local or regional flood management schemes. As experts in complex modelling we can help you combine our data with yours, to answer questions and understand how the flood risk you’re facing could change over time.

We’re already working extensively on flood modelling for the long-term future, combining our expertise in probablistic flood modelling with climate change projections, predicted changes in land usage, and insight into coastal and riverbank erosion.

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Under a high-emissions climate change scenario, parts of the UK are predicted to receive more than a ten-fold increase in the frequency of rare, extreme flood events.