Climate Suite

Climate Suite

Accurately identify your risk now and in the future with robust, climate- enabled, exposure scoring products.

Ambiental's Climate Suite offers the banking and (re)insurance sector the tools to respond to the Bank of England's regulatory requirements and also general future business proofing. What sets us apart in the marketplace is the longevity of our climate change product, FloodFutures™, which we launched back in 2017 as trail blazers in the field. From being the first to develop such a solution, we have gone on to build on the science within the products we developed.  As experts in a specialist area of environmental analytics we have taken all the knowledge within the product we built back then and applied it to Climate Suite which includes data on multiple physical risks and transition risks, not just flood risk analytics.

Climate Suite incorporates the latest climate science from the UKCP18 projections, along with input data provided by or market leading data partners. Our data provides both a present day and future looking view under different carbon emissions scenarios and for multiple future time epochs. The following datasets are available as part of our climate suite:

  • Present day and future flood risk
  • Present day and future subsidence risk
  • Coastal erosion risk (ErosionScore™)
  • EPC data

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    Climate Suite is the culmination of years' of validation, customer testing and proven science.

    We have 100% confidence in Climate Suite. The suite of products is a replica of our existing products that are in use by more than 50% of the UK insurance market in the UK and much more elsewhere. It’s a replica of those with the same scoring, and information, into the future under several different scenarios, taking in years of validation, customer testing and proven science.

    There are two benefits from this:

    1. Our climate datasets are built from mature products. They are not new products, they are extensions of mature products.
    2. Our whole climate suite is mature as we  have been conducting this work and research since 2015.
    Based on a study using Ambiental data climate change could see an additional 1.2m properties across GB flooded by 2050
    Storm Christoph Flood Warning Analysis
    Ambiental consistently equals or outperforms competition in post-flood event data tests

    We continuously validate the data within our core FloodMap and FloodScore products by analysing how they performed following severe weather events such as in the example shown.

    Storm Christoph caused heavy and sustained rainfall in January 2021 in the UK. Large parts of Northern and Central England and Wales were severely impacted by flooding. This resulted in there being more flood alerts issued than ever before and most places received more than double their normal rainfall for the month with some locations exceeding 400% of their typical average precipitation.

    Ambiental supported clients with data and analysis, some of which is available to download.

    Request Storm Christoph Flood Event Validation Report

    Leverage all the benefits of our existing risk score products: FloodScore, CrimeScore...

    Every climate derivative is a replica of our existing risk score products. We replicate all climate affected data and all the fields, so the flood depths, defended flood depths, risk weightings, average annual damages and the equivalent defended.

    The extensive data contained within these products means that you can select the specific metrics that are useful to you and your business. All data fields are provided as part of the product without needing to be processed and are available as an API, from a website, or from a flat file. We can deliver as much or as little data as suits your needs, and our tailoring of the product is easy as the data is already there, on the shelf, to help customers right now. We will help you choose which elements you need based on the questions you are trying to answer.

    "We don't just do climate change analytics generically or summarily, we build replicas of our products in the future. We concentrate on one thing, natural perils, which is actually hard to do in a scenario way because they are so precise and a small change in some places can make a big impact."David Martin, Chief Technical Officer, Ambiental

    Supporting our customers is a primary concern for us

    The best data can be used for the wrong thing and you'll get bad results. That's why we don't just release our data to our customers and hope for the best!

    We ensure our data is used effectively by testing its accuracy and by understanding the uncertainties and where it's stronger or weaker.

    We like to operate in a culture of openness, against a background of science where we'll tell you what's good and what's not so good and we'll tell you what to do about it.

    • We train our customers up on using our products you can navigate around the data with 100% confidence.

    • We help you set a strategy

      ...but we won't prescribe it, it's up to you.

    • We support you

      ...not dictate what the data should be used for.

    • We help you understand the meaning behind the data that you can use it to its greatest potential.

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