Disaster Risk Assessment

Disaster Risk Assessment

Training and tools for disaster risk assessment and flood modelling

Our training in disaster risk assessment (DRA) and flood modelling can help you and your teams better understand, analyse and respond to risks from natural hazards such as floods, landslides, tropical cyclones and earthquakes.

Our training team consists of natural hazard, flood modelling and emergency response specialists who have studied and worked with some of the UK’s leading institutions. We tailor all our training to your industry or specific project and we can deliver it locally if required.

With our expert DRA training programs, you can quickly develop the background knowledge and expertise you need for better understanding the hazards. Our customers also find the training extremely useful for commissioning engineering and design projects which maximize return on investment.

Training and tools

Our DRAs provide a critical foundation for managing disaster risk across a range of sectors. Following the training you’ll be able to rapidly identify and quantify the highest risks from natural hazards, providing an evidence base to support critical decisions in areas such as emergency response strategies or investments in infrastructure projects.

For example, in land-use and urban planning sectors, robust analysis of flood risk drives investment in flood protection can influence insurance pricing. Technologies such as digital hazard mapping, vulnerability assessment and exposure control can be used to carry out country-wide risk assessments, or estimate potential damages and casualties from natural catastrophes as part of civil contingency planning.

At the community level, an understanding of hazard events – whether through education, from living memory or oral and written histories – can inform and influence decisions on preparedness, including life-saving evacuation procedures and behaviours, with pre-determined safe havens and known location of important facilities.


Ambiental presents a workshop on Disaster Risk Assessments at the Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSPG) Showcase Event in Venice, May 2016

Training with Flowroute-i™

Flowroute-i is our own flood modelling software. We offer training in preparing the data and in using the software itself. The hands-on training will be tailored to your existing knowledge, and if possible we’ll use the same data that you’re planning to use. This will give you first-hand insight into how the software works for your specific needs.

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Our tools and tailored training will help your teams rapidly identify and quantify the highest risks from natural hazards.