Making the right choices for spending on flood management can save billions of pounds and thousands of lives. Providing emergency response teams with tools to help coordinate their actions is an essential part of what we do.

We use our experience in designing early flood warning systems and flood response plans to provide support in designing bespoke flood forecasting systems. We can advise on:

  • Improving emergency response – through real-time flood forecasting and warning systems
  • FloodSAT™ – our bespoke flood monitoring system that uses drones and satellite imagery to provide valuable insight into floods as they happen
  • Flood incident management and response – training operators and response officers; developing multi-disciplinary flood response plans
A screen shot of the Flood Alert system Flood Watch, which has been built by Ambiental and the EASOS Consortium

Predict when and where you need your response teams

Our real-time flood-forecasting system lets you track and understand where water will go, how fast it will move, and critically, where and when it could cause problems. Predicted flooding triggers automated warnings, giving you more time to plan your response.

React faster to flash flooding and surface water incidents

With the correct early flood warning systems and planning, it’s possible to significantly reduce loss of life, and the damage to properties and infrastructure caused by flash flooding.

Designing flexible early flood warning systems

Our customised early flood warning systems combine historic data with live data from weather radar, satellites and gauges to predict flash flooding in a local area. It models the flow of surface water across a wide area in real time to predict the impact it will have, and warn emergency response teams about potential flooding.

Planning the response to flood incidents

We can give you full support in planning, training and simulating flood incidents. We can also advise on planning coordinated responses across multi-disciplinary teams.

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Improved early flood warning saves lives and limits damage.

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