Europe Solutions

Europe Solutions

Reduce your flood related losses

Can you risk not knowing which properties are at risk of flood in Europe, now and in the future?Our FloodScore and FloodMap products are designed to support insurers, banks and lenders in making faster, more accurate decisions around flood risk and climate change. 

FloodMap™: A complete and consistent view of flood risk for large area risk assessment

Ambiental flood data is used to visualise, assess and understand potential flood risks. Using our proven flood simulation software and high-quality topographical data, we are able to generate flood maps or flood risk datasets for all countries across Europe. 

FloodMap is built at high resolution (5m) using the latest hydrological input data to create a precise view of flood hazard which enables a comprehensive understanding of pluvial, fluvial and tidal flooding. 


FloodScore™: Supports your underwriting criteria and allows for risk based pricing

FloodScore provides property-level flood risk scores and information for all addressable properties in European countries and covers both residential and commercial premises. This highly granular data can be used to quickly evaluate and quantify risk from all flood sources at a range of statistical return periods. 

FloodScore uses Ambiental’s advanced risk indexing algorithms and integrates the most complete and up-to-date flood and building stock data available. It provides a convenient overall, combined flood score risk, whilst also allowing interrogation of detailed predicted flood depths for each flood source separately and in combination. It is available as a full or partial database, via our online risk checking service and as spatial layers. 

Risk Scores

FloodScore Climate™: Get your future flood risk information, for stress testing, underwriting, valuation and pricing purposes

Ambiental is leading the way in the development of future facing climate change flood risk data which consider the full range of emissions scenarios and considers climate outcomes across a range of time epochs. 

FloodScore Climate is designed to simplify the process of determining sensitivity to change and achieving regulatory compliance by removing the challenges of working with highly dimensional large datasets. Our instantaneous online API delivery system helps our clients to work efficiently and cost effectively. 


Our unique approach means that future risks can be quantified for any given year or across any required timeframe. This important innovation means that financial institutions can consider each risk based on the exact duration of an investment, mortgage or insurance policy.

This aerial image shows Ambiental's Spain FloodMap fluvial data in blue and pluvial data in pink for the city of Miranda de Ebro. Spain FloodScore data points are overlaid which are colour coded to describe the flood risk to properties, with red representing locations with very high flood risk predicted.

Ambiental FloodMap fluvial data for Switzerland


  • Optimise pricing and reduce loss ratios
  • Better accumulation control
  • More consistent flood underwriting
  • Quicker and easier to assess flood risk

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