As the threat of flooding increases with climate change, our ability to plan for flooding and respond to it is becoming ever more important. A thorough understanding of flood risk underpins the sound decisions that support flood resilience.

A screen shot of the Flood Alert system Flood Watch, which has been built by Ambiental and the EASOS Consortium

Flood resilience is about making decisions that enable you to recover quickly from flooding that couldn’t be prevented. And it’s about being able to respond effectively at the time the flood is happening. Besides taking sound building and design decisions, there are many other factors that support flood resilience: flood warning systems, flood response strategies and flood forecasting systems define how we can anticipate and respond in the best possible way.

Working to increase flood resilience

At Ambiental, we help our customers increase their flood resilience in a number of ways. We can use our precision flood maps and flood modelling to help you understand flood risk and assess the impact of flood mitigation strategies. Besides using our predictive flood models, to support long-term flood resilience, we’re modelling future climate change scenarios too.

We’ve developed and continue to develop digital tools that provide better flood forecasting and up-to-date insight into flood events. By using near-real-time data to forecast flooding, we’re giving risk managers and emergency response teams critical information on which to base their decisions. Our flood monitoring from space service for the UK government and emergency responders, and our analysis of floods using UAV/drones are two examples of how our tools are supporting decisions that protect lives and property.

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We have 82% of UK properties modelled on LiDAR.

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