Flood Risk Management

Flood Risk Management

Helping you better understand flood risk

We give people the insight they need to make better decisions about flooding around the world. By providing expert advice and tools for managing flood risk, we help to prevent damage and protect people, property and assets.

Finding the flood risk answers you need

We help our customers minimise the potential damage caused by flooding in all kinds of ways. From helping to better understand the risk to communities or national infrastructure, to improving precision around portfolio-wide exposure to risk.

We can advise you on flood response tactics, implementing flood forecasting systems and using data and technology to improve operations or emergency response. We can help you refine your risk assessment strategies, conduct cost-benefit analyses and provide you with probability event trees to assess your flood management options.

A responsive team of technical experts

As a highly specialised team we conduct both rapid assessments and in-depth research that supports decision-making around flood risk. This helps our customers to be far more agile and responsive in reducing risk and the cost of flood damage.

Our team includes experts in the fields of flood modelling, insurance, rainfall simulation, climate change, geomorphology, computer programming, civil engineering, geographic information systems (GIS) and applied mathematics.

Robust, flexible flood modelling software

We model flood scenarios using our own flood modelling software (Flowroute-i™) that we continually improve and validate against real flood events around the world. Our modelling is based on well-established hydrological and hydraulic principles.

Besides simulating flood waters in complex urban, coastal or mountainous areas, our modelling can adapt to incorporate future climate change scenarios, such as increasing sea levels or more intense storms.

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