Deciding on how and where a flood risk management budget is best spent can be challenging. We support national, regional and local agencies in comparing their options, understanding the consequences of their choices, and translating them into measurable outcomes.

We give decision-makers the evidence they need to make tough choices in spending on flood management. We also support those applying for funding in evaluating and communicating the impact of their proposals effectively.

Maximising the impact of flood reduction strategies

Supporting project funders

Insightful flood risk data enables you to prioritise flood risk reduction strategies that can save billions of pounds and thousands of lives. Through our flood risk consultancy, we support governments and development organisations in making these critical decisions on which projects to prioritise when it comes to reducing flood risk and minimising damage.


Using our fine-grained data and proven flood modelling technologies, we support them in understanding flood mechanisms, vulnerability and flood impacts, and in evaluating the cost-benefits of different flood risk management strategies. In doing so, we take into account the potential impact of climate change on communities and infrastructure too.

Getting flood management projects funded

Supporting funding applicants

Given how much competition there is for funding, local and regional agencies need robust outcome measures to clearly show the cost-benefit for any flood risk management project. These can be time-consuming to calculate. Using our expertise in data analytics, visualisation and integration we develop tools and advise funding applicants on their proposals.

Using property-level flood risk data and a damage estimation tool makes it far simpler to calculate the figures for these outcomes and show convincing evidence of the cost benefit. Integrating this data with socioeconomic datasets makes this process even easier.

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