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Innovatory breakthroughs for Ambiental in flood risk scoring automation

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Innovatory breakthroughs for Ambiental
in flood risk scoring automation

Ambiental has made major technological breakthroughs that will lead to the full automation of their FloodScore™ product suite.

The company has established a reputation for its approach to product innovation having developed products that combine advanced flood modelling, predictive analytics, machine learning and razor-sharp intellectual skills to give organisations the critical insight they need into flooding and flood risk.

We have been able to achieve this by investing in growing our team of technical experts. Our development team of highly skilled programmers have been busy devising process work chains which reduce manual process effort by scripting database development.

The automations, which involve dynamic processing of all address records from every address data provider, are set to further enhance the company’s global appeal as it will mean it will be able to more rapidly develop new products anywhere in the world, as well as bringing other major benefits for customers:

  • Less margin for error, freeing up staff time to spend on checking and ensuring accuracy and consistency of our data
  • Faster product updates, enabling you to receive more frequent and timely data updates to provide the most up-to-date view of risk
  • Easy customisation to deliver a bespoke view of the risk tailored to your specific requirements

How will the automations work?

At a high level, the raw address records are constructed into consistent databases and then Ambiental’s FloodScore™ extraction and processing scripts are fully automated to calculate and append Ambiental’s unique FloodScore data fields. These fields include; flood risk scores, flood depths and ADRs, along with additional perils information.

Why is this a significant technological advance?

  • This automation permits more frequent updates, which provides the benefit of being able to deliver up-to-date addresses, in turn enabling a competitive edge to be able to write these new build or new address records quicker.
  • The automation process also outputs change/ update documentation to provide a clear record of the change control between current and new data version. These documents and statistics allow for easier change control for integration of our updates, whilst providing full transparency of what we have done and the impact this may have on a property portfolio.
  • Automation also permits the ability to tailor inputs and outputs and process data in bespoke ways to meet specific requirements.

How does this relate to our products?

Our suite of flood model products for all territories is a complete data-processing stack. The process of understanding risks starts with building a FloodMap™, then generating our FloodScore fields, (which links the hazard to the exposure component) and finally through to a full catastrophe model; our FloodCat™ products. The benefits for our customers are that they can understand their risks better through gaining a consistent view through all of our product lines.

What’s next?

Now the UK, Ireland, Australia and newly launched New Zealand FloodScore have all been run through this process, we will be expanding to other territories. The automation will also help us with the development and deployment of our New Zealand FloodCat model, which we’ll be launching soon. In the future our innovative automation methods will help us to rapidly develop new products in new territories and deliver cost-effective, high-quality products and services.

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Complete the contact form or contact Mark Nunns for further information:
[T] +44 (0)203 857 8543
[E] [email protected]

Contact Mark Nunns