It’s impossible to completely eliminate flooding. Increasingly, the impact of damaging and extreme flood events is taking an ever-larger toll, particularly in developing countries and vulnerable communities.

A screen shot of the Flood Alert system Flood Watch, which has been built by Ambiental and the EASOS Consortium

At a Glance

  • Our real-time, early flood warning systems save lives, limit damage and reduce costs
  • Predict requirements of response teams
  • Empower local communities
  • Modular design integrates with existing systems
  • Easy to adapt to local imperatives
  • Local Authority Response Suite meets UK compliance requirements

Flash flooding can kill. However, with the correct early flood warning systems and planning, we can significantly reduce loss of life, as well as damage to properties and infrastructure.

Predict when and where you need your response teams

Emergency services and other response teams can react quicker. Our real-time flood-forecasting system lets you track and understand where water will go, how fast it will move, and critically, where and when it could cause problems. Predicted flooding triggers automated warnings, giving you more time to plan your response.

Help communities to help themselves

Pre-planning, community involvement and innovative methods of reaching out to communities at risk: the most effective response to flooding can often be taken by local people themselves if they’re forewarned.

Easy to customise locally

We work with national and local emergency and planning teams, adapting our systems to fit your scenarios and focusing them on any local area. You can customise the automated warnings, monitoring key hot spots and setting warning levels.

A UK Local Authority Response Suite

We’ve developed a specific early flood warning system for local authorities in the UK. It includes all the tools you need to meet the requirements set out in the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.


  • Improved early warning saves lives and limits damage
  • Modular components reduce the cost for both site and city-scale deployments
  • Saves time – designed to integrate with previous investments in flood modelling technology

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Our integrated systems make complex calculations fast, keeping track of the full hydrological process as a flood event unfolds.

They combine a range of data to simulate what will happen several hours into the future:

  • Live weather radar data
  • Rainfall measurements
  • Topographical information
  • Details about soil types
  • Land use
  • Drainage.

We can also include data on river flow, and river and groundwater levels to ensure the models are as accurate as possible.

Early flood warning systems reduce damage and save lives.

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