Our flexible flood cat (catastrophe) models are designed to give asset and risk managers precise data about their overall exposure in the event of a catastrophic flood. They enable you to rapidly assess portfolio-wide risk and make better decisions around capital allocation.

Using the best available topographic data, along with precise, historic river, rain and tide gauge data, our FloodCat model simulates flooding disasters. It can predict hazard and vulnerability down to building level if required. The high resolution of the model makes it far more precise in predicting probable maximum loss (PML), and it can also be calibrated against your previous flood losses.

Combines historic data with speculative predictions

You can use the model to predict losses using historic events, or by using our realistic synthetic event sets. To meet the demand for more transparent modelling, the hazard and vulnerability modules are fully visible to give you a better understanding of the model’s results.

Integrates easily with existing flood cat modelling software

The model currently integrates with Oasis and Elements, and we are working on adapting it for other flood cat modelling engines. We designed it to be flexible so that you can customise it, and we provide full training and support. We may also be able to deliver in a custom format on request.

Flexible licensing

You can choose the perils, regions and level of aggregation you need. We can also provide data for a single specified event.

We have precise FloodCat models available for Australia and Brazil.

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