The insight you need to support a proactive flood response

Originally developed to improve the data available to emergency response teams, FloodSat® uses satellite radar imagery to give you information and insight into floods as they happen.

At a Glance

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  • Supports proactive flood response
  • Uses imagery from satellites to monitor floods
  • Provides processed data on flood extent, depth and velocity within 12 hours of capture
  • Offers high and lower confidence variants to aid interpretation
  • Delivered as map layers via a web mapping service
  • Data refreshed twice daily for priority locations
  • Flexible subscription-based licensing
  • Includes a growing archive library of major flood event data records
  • Established system in the UK with international capability
Smart Flood Activation concept



  • React more effectively during flood events
  • Limit the damage to people and property

FloodSat is designed to help emergency responders, loss adjusters, reinsurers and infrastructure managers improve their flood response. It provides data on flood extents, velocity and depth in near real-time, and uses automated geospatial processes to deliver these flood monitoring layers through a Web Mapping Service (WMS).

Powered by our advanced flood modelling software, FloodSat incorporates live rainfall, ground saturation, river telemetry and weather data to detect locations likely to flood. It uses this insight to trigger a satellite tasking system, instructing the COSMO-SkyMed constellation of satellites to capture synthetic aperture radar (SAR) of the affected regions.

To ensure they capture the most valuable imagery, the satellites are directed to prioritise through a flood risk prioritisation map. When the SAR is received, it’s rapidly processed, analysed and relayed via web mapping servers to subscribers. It can also be combined with high-resolution imagery captured by drones.

The spatial layers can be integrated with your existing GIS tools and systems.

FloodSat in the UK

Our FloodSat flood monitoring service was developed under the Space for Smarter Government Programme with satellite technology partner Telespazio Vega UK. We’ve used UKFloodMap4™ to identify locations with a high potential of flooding. We combined this information with data on buildings and people to produce a UK Flood Risk Priority Map. The winter storms of 2014/5 gave us the opportunity to live test the system, and the results correlated very well with Environment Agency post-event flood extents.

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“Historically, the remote sensing of flooding has occurred in a very reactive way which can mean that a satellite is tasked too late or in the wrong location. Furthermore, data was often not available within useful timeframes. There was clearly a need for a faster, more accurate solution – which is what our service delivers to the market for the first time.”
Geraint Cooksley – Group Manager (GI Operations)


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