FloodScore™ Online

FloodScore™ Online

Instantly assess flood risk to individual properties

FloodScore™ Online enables quicker and more accurate decision-making around flood risk. Our subscription service offers the most complete and up-to-date UK flood risk data through a flexible pricing structure. This makes it cost-effective to access high-quality, property-level flood risk data integrated with OS AddressBase Premium.

At a Glance

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  • Instant online access to the most current flood risk data
  • Provides a single easy-to-compare flood risk score for each property
  • Matches each address with a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN)
  • Covers 100% of properties in Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Considers risk from rivers, tidal waters, rainfall and groundwater
  • Includes information on flood depth
  • Provides a range of return periods
  • Uses hydrological and 2D hydraulic modelling and LiDAR whereve available.
  • Validated against actual flooding and claims data from recent events
  • Regularly updated

FloodScore Online gives you instant access to the most complete and up-to-date flood risk data available. It quantifies the likelihood of an individual property being flooded due to rainfall, overflowing rivers or tidal surges.

By logging in to FloodScore online, you can look up the flood risk data for any property in the UK. You can save and print reports for future reference, and the search history makes your due diligence easy to audit.

Besides providing an overall flood risk score for every property (which classifies the flood risk as being Negligible, Minimal, Moderate, High or Extreme), the results for each property include a range of return periods, as well as the likely depth of the flood waters for each of these periods.

Subscription packages

Your subscription is based on the number of properties you want to check each year, and you can add any number of users to your subscription. All packages are based on an annual contract, and you can upgrade your package at any time.

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  • Less time needed to assess flood risk
  • Improved loss ratios
  • Better accumulation control
  • More consistent flood underwriting
  • No data hosting or management costs
  • Constant access to the most current available data
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“FloodScore™ is a simple yet useful tool that provides flood scores for single locations based on their risk to fluvial, pluvial and coastal flooding. FloodScore™ has been integrated into our underwriting practices as well as those of some of our key delegated authorities to assess the flood risk and ensure it meets our risk appetite.”
Matthew Donovan, DTW1991

FloodScore™ Property API

FloodScore™ Property API

Property-level flood risk scores and data for 100% of UK properties. Get the most current property-level flood risk data on demand.

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FloodScore™ AAL Risk Rating Layers

FloodScore™ AAL Risk Rating Layers

GIS spatial layers reflecting the average annual loss (AAL) and flood risk score for all commercial and residential properties in the UK.

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FloodScore™ Property Database

FloodScore™ Property Database

Property-level flood risk information for 100% of UK properties. Available as full, regional or portfolio-specific database.

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Approximately 6 million properties are at risk from some form of flooding in the UK.

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