FloodScore™ Postcode aggregates property-level flood risk data to produce a high-quality flood risk score for any UK postcode.

At a Glance

  • Covers all postcodes in Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Instant easy-to-compare flood risk scores
  • Considers risk from rivers, tidal waters, rainfall and groundwater
  • Scores derived from hydrological and 2D hydraulic modelling
  • Available as a complete or partial database
  • Regularly updated and validated

FloodScore Postcode uses the most complete and up-to-date flood risk data available to quantify the likelihood of flooding to a postcode area due to rainfall, overflowing rivers, tidal surges or groundwater. It classifies the flood risk as being Negligible, Minimal, Moderate, High or Extreme. The results for each postcode include a range of statistics from the average risk to the maximum risk.

FloodScore Postcode is available as a complete database. It is most often delivered as a CSV or SQL file and can be licensed on varying terms, either as a standalone product or alongside our FloodScore Property data.

The database is available on either single or multi-year licence agreements, or as a one-off dataset.


  • Less time needed to assess flood risk
  • Better accumulation control
  • More consistent flood underwriting
  • Constant access to the most current available data

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Data sources used

  • Flood data derived from Ambiental UKFloodMap4™ data, which uses:
  • Risk scores aggregated from FloodScore™ Property Database

Flood sources

  • Fluvial (rivers)
  • Tidal (sea/estuary/coastal)
  • Flash (pluvial/surface water)
  • Groundwater

Layers available

  • Flood risk rating (flood score) for each flood source and combined flood score
  • Defended and undefended data fields
  • Five unique flood risk statistics for each postcode

Update frequency

  • Annual and after major flood events


  • Regularly validated and calibrated against actual flood events in the UK.

Approximately 6 million properties are at risk from some form of flooding in the UK.

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