Flood Forecasting

Developing bespoke flood forecasting systems

Floods are affecting communities with increasing frequency. It’s more important than ever to be able to predict how rainfall, rivers and tidal surges are likely to affect buildings, people, communities and infrastructure. FloodWatch is an integral part of these predictions.

At a Glance

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  • An effective tool for emergency response teams
  • Can be easily integrated into flood warning systems
  • Predicts all sources of flooding
  • Designed specifically for the required area

We use our experience in designing early flood warning systems and flood response plans to support the design of bespoke flood forecasting systems.

We can advise on:

  • Hydrometry – working with rain gauge, river level, river flow, groundwater and automatic climate stations
  • Weather radar – identifying the most appropriate technology for your objectives and integrating radar systems with your flood forecasting
  • Telemetry – designing, implementing and integrating cost-effective systems
  • Flood models – developing 1D, 2D or hybrid models, and model schematisation
  • Software development – model control, real-time data acquisition and cross-system integration


  • Our flood forecasts can save lives, limit damage and reduce costs
  • Can help emergency response teams optimise their efforts
  • Easy to adapt to local requirements


The diagram illustrates the hydrological inputs and flows within Ambiental's flood forecasting solution.

Our innovative full-catchment flood forecasting system provides location specific flood predictions and alert dissemination for up to seven days ahead. Developed in partnership with the UK Space Agency to tackle environmental problems, the system is currently providing benefits to customers in Asia.

Earth & Sea Observation Systems for the Malaysian Government

Earth & Sea Observation Systems for the Malaysian Government

Ambiental is working in Malaysia to analyse flood risk and implement a flood forecasting system.

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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

We use flood modelling and practical insights to help emergency response teams coordinate their actions more effectively.

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Flood Warning Systems

Flood Warning Systems

Advance warning and pre-planning can reduce the impact of flooding more than any other single form of flood mitigation.

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Flood forecasting forms an integral part of developing an effective flood warning system.