We adapt and develop advanced insurance analytics to support risk managers, underwriters and reinsurers in making big strategic decisions and small case-specific decisions about flood risk.

With the growing torrent of Big Data and the rapid advances in technology, translating flood risk data into critical insight can be time-consuming and challenging. Using our advanced skills in data systems, predictive analytics and complex modelling, we develop tools, dashboards and integrated systems to make it easier.

Built using our proven flood modelling technology, our flood risk analytics give insurers accurate, detailed and easy-to-understand flood information for all major floodwater sources. Our tools range from portfolio-wide analysis tools, to property-level flood risk analyses that support more accurate and consistent underwriting decisions.

Identify new opportunities

We think laterally to develop technologies and combine different data sources that give unique, client-specific insight into flood risk. It’s this insight that helps our customers in the insurance industry uncover new opportunities and expand into new markets.

Reduce unexpected losses and price more competitively

Underwriters, brokers, reinsurers and risk managers use our flood maps, datasets and flood catastrophe models to assess flood risk and predict probable losses more accurately. Armed with more precise flood risk information they can minimise unforeseen losses and price more competitively.

Be more precise on pricing and loss estimation

Our national flood models are proven to predict risk with around 85%+ reliability. They can be incorporated into standard underwriting processes and are used to support in-house analytics and bespoke underwriting projects.

We have mapping available everywhere in the world at 30m resolution. Many territories are available at 5m, based on highly detailed LiDAR data.

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