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New opportunities for assessing flood risk across Europe

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New opportunities for assessing flood risk across Europe

The recent launch of the Ambiental flood risk product suite for France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain, represents an important expansion of the flood risk insight available across Europe. Samples of our datasets are now available for immediate download.

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Building upon the success of our tried and tested products for the UK and Ireland we have heeded to the market demand for European flood data. In response we provide a high precision view of flood risk which spans entire countries and enables consistent consideration of risks across Europe.

With our plans to roll out products across numerous European countries in the months ahead we will have a full suite of products covering Western Europe by the end of 2021. The Spanish, Portugal and France datasets have already launched, and with the Italy and Germany datasets imminent our analysts are gaining fascinating insights about the flood risk characteristics of these nations now and in the future under climate change.

To help our customers to better understand our products for Europe we have created a sample data pack for evaluation purposes. This includes spatial data (.TIF and .SHP files) for use within Geographic Information Systems (GIS). For customers who do not have GIS we also include maps and data tables (.PDF and .CSV files). The data pack available from this page presents sample locations from our newly launched products for Europe which includes:

FloodMap - Visualise, assess and understand potential flood hazards. FloodMap is built at high resolution using the latest hydrological input data to create a precise view of flood hazard which enables a comprehensive understanding of pluvial, fluvial and tidal flooding across a wide range of severities.

FloodScore – Property level flood risk scores and information for all addressable properties which covers both residential and commercial premises. This highly granular data can be used to quickly evaluate and quantify risk from all flood sources. It provides a convenient overall, combined flood risk score as well as detailed fields of flood metrics.

FloodScore Climate - Designed to simplify the process of assessing sensitivity to change and achieving regulatory compliance by removing the challenges of working with highly dimensional large datasets. Our facing climate change flood risk data considers the full range of emissions scenarios and considers climate outcomes for multiple sources of flooding and across a range of time horizons.

seville flood and climate risk visualisation

The sample data location is Seville in Andalusia in the South of Spain. This location features, fluvial, pluvial and some tidal flood hazards. Under climate change the pluvial flood risk to properties is shown to increase in severity significantly. The climate change outlook for Spain varies spatially. A warmer climate means increased likelihood and severity of rainstorms. Some locations will experience increased river flows whereas in many catchments the risk is expected to reduce as the climate becomes more arid. The rising sea levels with time will result in an increase in tidal risk for coastal communities.

For more information on how our flood data can help to reduce losses and mitigate risk go to our Europe Solutions page.

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