Our property-level flood risk datasets improve precision for insurance underwriters, risk managers and local government agencies. Our tools make the data easy to work with, reducing the resource you need to extract insight from it.

The increase in the frequency and severity of floods demands that we become ever more precise in our analysis and understanding of flood risk. To that end, we’ve invested heavily in developing and refining our property-level flood risk data. We invest time and energy into partnerships with organisations that have the high-resolution topographical and building-level data we need. We also have extensive experience in modelling for complex urban environments.

We help our customers use this fine-grained flood data to gain the insight they need. That might be for calculating average annual loss (AAL) estimations for insurers, or integrating it with socio-economic and business data to understand the risk and impact of potential flooding on the local economy. Our customers use this insight to price premiums more accurately, understand risks across property portfolios, evaluate flood management projects and evidence the value of flood mitigation measures.

Property level flood data image
Image shows colour coded data points for each property denoting flood risk. Green is lowest risk, red is highest risk.

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Our models have all been externally validated against actual flood events as well as flood claims.

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