Validation and Compliance

Validation and Compliance

Evaluate and refine your flood risk models and data sources

We support insurance and reinsurance companies in complying with Solvency II regulations in Europe. Using our expertise in complex modelling and risk analytics we provide independent internal model validation (IIMV). We also evaluate external models and flood risk data sources.

Solvency II compliance

To achieve Solvency II compliance, companies need to show that they understand their internal models and the third-party commercial vendor models. They need to know the limitations of these models, and show how these limitations are being considered in their risk decision processes.

Although insurance companies can use standardised tests to show compliance, our validation services can help you achieve this while refining your understanding of internal and external models. This understanding should not be limited to the risk management team. We can run education sessions on the models, their limitations and how they feed into decision-making and business processes at every level.

Brisbane Validation Overviews

Ambiental's Australia FloodMap 100 year return period (shown in blue) with flood footprint from 2011 flood event (shown in red). This demonstrates strong correlation of predicted hazard against actual event.

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Solvency II requires the stability of insurers and the protection of policy-holders in the face of circumstances which exceed the 1 in 200 year level of adversity and this stability is evaluated using the Internal Model.