WhenFresh partner with Ambiental

WhenFresh partners with Ambiental to extend reach of flood data to UK Insurers

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Ambiental flood data now available through WhenFresh API

Ambiental flood data now available through WhenFresh API

WhenFresh has partnered with Ambiental to make its flood data available via the UK’s property ‘Data Supermarket’, the WhenFresh API.

WhenFresh already supplies data to many of the UK’s leading insurers and eight of the top ten banks. Now Ambiental's UK FloodMap™ and UK FloodScore™ solutions are available to insurers through WhenFresh API, to provide insurers with detailed, highly accurate visualisations of potential flood risks across 100% of the UK.

This includes fluvial (rivers), tidal, and pluvial (flash flooding) risks, with flood depth and velocity information down to individual building level.  Ambiental’s models include 25% more rivers than any other flood data source.

Rob Carling, Channel Sales Manager at Ambiental says: “Our flood data can be readily integrated with underwriting pricing systems and we’ve made it easy to combine vulnerability data and depth-to-damage curves to understand risk and estimate loss more accurately.”

Carling continues: “Even if you’ve already got a source of flood data, our specialist flood mapping data layers can support your flood risk strategy by giving you a more accurate and complete view of flood perils. In the insurance and banking sectors, it is also used to assist in compliance, such as with Solvency II, and meeting best practice guidelines.”

WhenFresh has built the WhenFresh API as the UK’s residential property ‘data supermarket’, as CEO Mark Cunningham explains: “The WhenFresh API provides insurers, lenders, and other ‘big data’ users with access to over 200 proprietary, private, and public data sources in standardised, readily-consumable formats, via a single, simple API integration.

“We’ve now assembled over 2tn data items in one place and can provide all the property attribute, topological, geospatial, environmental, risk, peril, valuations, market and climate data that insurers, lenders and other big data users need to support their underwriting, pricing, property valuations, mortgage decisioning and more.  The Ambiental flood data is an excellent addition to the range of data available via the WhenFresh API and makes this easily accessible both to existing and new end users,” concludes Cunningham.

For more information contact Rob Carling, Channel Sales Manager
[E] rob.carling@rhdhv.com

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